Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Dinners on the Mediterranean

I have great meals on my journey along the Mediterranean, starting in Montpellier, then travelling from Perpignan (near the Spanish border) to Sanremo in Italy (near the French border).  The general theme is fish, lots of fish, prepared incredibly and served simply in small restaurants near or along the sea.

In Montpellier, I dine at Cafe des Arts on pate with raspberry coulis, sea bass (fillet de bar) with mashed potatoes, an apple tart, and a small carafe of wine, all for 19 euros ($21 USD)

 Cafe des Arts, pate, sea bass, apple tart

In Perpignan, I dine (twice) at La Galiote, on the beach near my hotel in Canet-en-Roussillon.  The first night, I try anchovies fried with pepper, cassoulet de mer (mussels, clams, squid, white fish, and potatoes), and a small desert, along with a small carafe of wine, all for 24 euros ($27 USD).  It's raining, but I choose to dine in the outside patio on the beach (covered and with heat lamps to hold off the fall weather).

La Galiote

Anchovies, cassoulet de mer

The second night, I dine inside (heavier rain) on 6 huitres (oysters), fillet de loup, desert, and wine.

 6 huitres and carafe of wine

 Fillet de loup, desert

My largest meal is in Sanremo, where I chose a restaurant by the port and they recommend the mixed grilled fish platter, although it is a lot of food.  It sounds fabulous and I dig in.  Wow!  It takes a while, but I consume most of it and truly enjoy it.

Mixed grilled fish platter

Making progress!

I have incredible seafood dinners on this trip and the food alone is reason enough to return (not to mention the beaches, the climate, the sea, the mountains, the people, the culture, the history,.....).  I could go on for quite a while, but, instead, I'll just plan to return soon.

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