Friday, February 1, 2019

Camden Market and Locks

London's Camden Market is composed of six distinct adjoining retail markets, located in near Camden Lock on Regent's Canal in northern London.  The markets contain over 1,000 unique shops, stalls, bars, and cafes and are one of London's busiest retail destinations.

In the 19th century, the Camden Lock area was an industrial site for distilleries (and warehouses) producing world-renowned gin.  In 1974, a market started with 16 traders selling antiques, jewelry, and arts and crafts.  The area's gin-distilling traditions are long gone and the markets now fill the buildings.

I walk through the markets and watch the people out and about.

 Strolling through the markets

Inside, the markets are packed with shops and stalls selling everything anyone could want.

 Inside the markets

There are cafes and food carts everywhere, offering every imaginable cuisine.

Food everywhere

Alongside the market, canal boats take riders for short trips and the locks are an attraction that greatly complements the markets.

 Canal boats

Canal cruises

 Hampstead Lock on Regent's Canal

Outside Camden Market, industrial buildings have been converted to add more shops, cafes, bars, and restaurants to the area, making it a great destination for all of London.

 Surrounding Camden Market

If the market is this crowded on a weekday around noon, it must be something to behold on a weekend afternoon or evening!

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