Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Street Art on Brick Lane and Nearby

Brick Lane, in London's East End, is famous for its street art, which features artists such as Banksy, D*Face, and Ben Eine.  Artists from all over the UK and the world come here to paint and to share their work with the public.  The street art is constantly changing as new artists arrive and add their contributions.

I stroll through the area and admire the fabulous works.

 Brick Lane art

Even the parking spaces are art!

 Brick Lane parking

On the stroll from Brick Lane across town to St. Pancras International Train Station, I continue to spot art on the buildings along the way, some with messages, some whimsical, all fun.

More street art

The street art really enhances the experience of walking through London, exploring and finding something new every block or two.  This is a great way to decorate a city!

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