Friday, December 14, 2018

Food and Hot Pot in Shanghai

The produce in the stores in Shanghai looks so fresh and inviting that I'm sorry I don't have a kitchen to bring it back for my own preparation.

 Fruits and vegetables

Generally, for my small meals, I have a few steamed buns and, occasionally, a bowl of congee, a rice porridge served with side dishes of often-spicy vegetables that are added to the bowl as desired (I generally add lots of the flavorful accompaniments).  Steamed buns are a staple for breakfast and lunch all over the city and are sold in small shops and from carts.

Steamed buns and congee, steamed bun shop

For dinner, I often have a small plate of vegetables, dumplings or pork/chicken, and rice.

Typical dinner for me

I have one truly memorable meal this trip with some friends in Shanghai who take me out for hot pot, an assortment of raw meats, seafood, vegetables, noodles, and (occasionally) dumplings which are cooked in a large pot of hot broth.

 Hot pot:  cooking pot and assorted ingredients

Fisher does the cooking and the rest of us consume it as it comes from the pot.

 Cooking and dining

From small meals on the street to formal dining with friends, Shanghai has a lot to offer.  I was so occupied with my explorations and great small meals that I didn't even have any duck this trip!

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