Friday, December 7, 2018

Century Park in Shanghai

Century Park is located in the heart of Shanghai's Pudong District and is the largest park in Shanghai, covering 140 hectares (346 acres, .54 square miles).  The park includes a concert stage, a maze, bamboo forests, lakes, paths, and beautifully-landscaped gardens in a mixture of British, Chinese, and Japanese styles.  One can rent a boat and visit islands in the lakes or walk around the perimeter and view the great sights.  I start walking.

Paths, waterways, and lakes in the park

Gardens are located along the paths, with something delightful around each corner.

  Gardens everywhere

Small stores are conveniently located to sell refreshments throughout the park

 Stores and refreshment stands

More lakes and interconnecting waterways offer many places to view and to relax.

 Lakes and waterways

An amusement park (a feature of most large parks in Shanghai) offers rides in better weather.

 Amusement park

As I come to the end of the park, I wander through more gardens and continue to admire this oasis of tranquility in the middle of a very modern and commercial section of Shanghai.

 More paths and gardens

 Gardens in process

 Another great Shanghai park!

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