Friday, November 23, 2018

Lu Xun Park in Shanghai

Lu Xun Park was built in 1896 by a British garden designer to be used as a shooting range.  It became a recreational facility in 1902 and in 1906 was converted into a sports ground for western residents of Shanghai.  In 1928 it was opened to Chinese and in 1938 it was renamed in honor of Lu Xun, one of China's most prominent writers and a nearby resident.  Lu Xun's mausoleum is located in the park which was further expanded in 1960 to its current size of 22 hectares (54 acres).

Lu Xun Park

The first sight in the park is the amusement park rides, quiet now early in the day, but ready for action in a while.


After the rides, I find more serious sculptures located around the fields and streams of the park, accompanied by groups of people dancing throughout the park.

 Sculptures and tranquil spots


A little further along are other groups making music, fishing, playing tennis, and practicing with whips, a wide variety of activities.

 Something for everyone

 Deeper into the park, the paths cross fields and meander along the lakes and streams.

 Paths, lakes, and streams of the park

 And, in the center of the park, a mausoleum holds the remains of Lu Xun.

 Lu Xun

As I wander back toward the entrance, I delight in a few more great views of the fields and lakes of this great park and wonderful tribute to Lu Xun.

 A few more views

Outside the park, I'm back in the big, noisy city and ready for the next adventure.

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