Friday, November 2, 2018

Jing'an Sculpture Park in Shanghai

The Jing'an Sculpture Park is located on the site of a former cemetery for foreigners near the Jing'an Temple, but is now a large open space filled with sculptures and home to the Shanghai Natural History Museum.  The park is located about halfway between my hotel at the Shanghai Railway Station and People's Square and I walk in to see what is new.

Entrances to Jing'an Sculpture Park

Natural History Museum in the park

I wander and admire the art.  This park is off the normal tourist path and is full of local people enjoying the art and relaxing in the park.  I think I'm the only tourist here today.

 Great sculptures!

Throughout the park are beautifully-cultivated gardens, fountains, paths, and resting areas, complementing the sculptures and giving neighborhood residents places to hang out, socialize, and rest from the craziness of the big city (Shanghai has a population of around 24 million people).

Gardens, fields, paths, and resting areas

But, I'm here for the displays of sculpture and wander to find more.

 Sculptures everywhere!

This is a great park and has been a stopping point for every trip to Shanghai since I first discovered the park by accident as I walked by one day.  I'll keep coming back and enjoying this great example of non-tourist Shanghai.

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