Friday, February 2, 2018

Hangzhou West Lake: Su Causeway, Xi Fu Memorial

The eastern end of the Su Causeway stretches 2800 meters (1.7 miles) across the top of West Lake, full of people walking, jogging, fishing, visiting the parks, relaxing, and riding the shuttles back and forth (similar to what I've seen in every other city in China that I've visited).  There are beautiful views of  West Lake and the center of Hangzhou (from where I just walked) in the distance.

Views of the lake and Hangzhou in the distance

The path leads down the center of the narrow causeway, with people relaxing, fishing, and boating on both sides.

 Path across the Su Causeway

 Serious fishing

And, for those who don't walk the full distance, there are frequent shuttles running the length off the causeway.

Shuttle service

 I continue to stop and admire the views, both north into the mountains and south toward Hangzhou.

 Views both ways

Approaching the end of the causeway, I reach a small park full of school groups visiting historic sites, the most important of which is Jiang's Villa, originally built on the lake in 1901, with traditional Chinese garden construction techniques.  The renowned scholar Ma Yifu lived here in later years and the house is now open to the public as Ma Yifu Memorial Hall.

 Gardens and school groups

 Gardens around Ma Yifu Memorial Hall

Ma YiFu (1863-1967) studied in the US and Japan, was proficient in seven languages, and dedicated himself to spreading Western thought in China by translating many works of philosophy and literature into Chinese.  This work to elevate China through academics brought him to be named a Master of Chinese Culture and a Grand Master of Confucians, Buddhism, and Philosophy.   He was also a special member of the National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, deputy to the People's Congress of Zhejiang, and Director of the History Museum of Zhejiang.

 Ma YiFu Memorial Hall

Approaching the end of the Su Causeway, I find more great views of the lake, gardens, villas, and teachers keeping their groups together.

 Views from the western end of the Su Causeway, Leifeng Pagoda

 Leading the school groups out

Map of the Su Causeway

From here, I head over to the Leifeng Pagoda.

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