Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Food and Dining in Hangzhou

Fresh food is available for sale everywhere in Hangzhou and I admire much of it as I walk by on all my adventures in the city.

Fresh fruit shops

Butcher shop

 Duck shop (all parts available at the counter)

Roasted yams

I eat simply in Hangzhou, a breakfast of steamed buns, steamed vegetables, and congee (Chinese rice porridge, often mixed with chicken, beef, or fish and garnished with scallions, chilies, shallots, and other goodies).

Breakfast of steams buns/vegetables, congee

For lunch, often a sandwich from the local convenience store (at 5.8RMB, the sandwich costs me $0.90 USD).

Sandwich for lunch

And, for dinner, something simple with or without rice, for example, rotisserie duck, served the same way that lamb is served on a rotisserie in Europe.  What a great deal at 7 RMB for a sandwich ($1.11 USD).

Rotisserie duck

And, of course, the local steamed bun shops.

Steamed bun shops

The food is simple, straightforward, delicious, and inexpensive.  What more could one want?

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