Friday, October 21, 2016

Market Day in Monterosso al Mare

We walk down into the main square in the old town of Monterosso al Mare and find a real treat.  It's market day and the square is full of trucks and stands selling anything you could want, from kitchen appliances to clothing to fresh fish and produce.

Let's do a tour of the stalls and stands.

  Household linens, clothing, and accessories

 Fresh produce

Mushrooms and dried fish

Cheese and pesto


 Food to go:  rotisserie chicken and fried fish

The next day, there is a evening band concert in the main square of Monterosso's old town.  To accompany the concert, a meal is available in the square, fried fish (8 euros), pork sandwich (5 euros), or lasgne (6 euros).  A good deal and a great way to spend a warm evening.  We listen to the concert over a glass of wine overlooking the city toward the Mediterranean on our balcony at Hotel Villa Steno.

 Concert announcement and menu

 Bandstand set up on the harbor

 Cooking and serving

View across Monterosso from our balcony at Hotel Villa Steno

There is a lot going on in Monterosso and we never tire of exploring and discovering the riches of this city and region.

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