Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Continuing on to Levanto

At the half-way point in our hike from Monterosso al Mare to Leavnto, we have already hiked up to the ridge above Monterosso at the Sanctuary of the Madonna of Soviore, then circled around Monterosso, passing through Colle de Gritta to the Mediterranean, ready to trek along the sea for the rest of our journey.

The path proceeds north along the ridge, with the Mediterranean on the left, popping in and out of the forest, sometimes heading down into a valley, then back up to the top of the ridge.

 Hiking the ridge along the Mediterranean

 Occasionally through the forest

Every now and then, we run across a house with the path going through the property.  These people certainly have a long walk for groceries, but an incredible view!

 House with great views on the trail

After our short urban trek through the yard, we continue along the Mediterranean, with Levanto starting to appear in the distance.

Continuing along the sea

As we get closer, we run across more urban settings, some stone paths past other houses and vineyards, and views of Levanto getting closer and closer.

 Stone path and steps - we're getting there

 Levanto getting closer and closer

The final descent into Levanto is down a stairway leading to the beach and the grand villas on the boardwalk.

 Stairway into Levanto

Reaching the beach

 Grand villas on the Levanto waterfront

But, we're not here to swim or admire the housing.  It's time for lunch and we take a short walk into the center of Levanto to see what we can find.  We pass an artist painting on an overpass wall as his canvas and enter the main square, quickly spotting a row of restaurants, where we settle into CafĂ© Roma for pizza and local white wine.

 Artist at work

Restaurants on the main square

 Lunch is Speck Pizza (with cheese) and 5 Terre Pizza, with anchovies and capers.

5 Terre Pizza and Speck Pizza

 An appropriate reward for the hike!

After lunch, we wander through Levanto to the train station and catch the next train back to Monterosso, where we reward ourselves (again) with a lemon gelato.  Another great day in paradise!

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