Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Street and Metro Sculpture in Shenzhen

As I walk down Shennan Boulevard from my hotel to Nantou Old Town in Shenzhen, I pass several sculptures in the center of the Boulevard, there for drivers and pedestrians to enjoy.

 Sculpture in the middle of Shennan Boulevard

And, as I walk along the street, there are many more integrated into the parks and commercial plazas that I wander through.

 Sculpture along Shennan Boulevard

When I duck into the Shenzhen Metro for a longer trip to a meeting near the Ferry Terminal in Shekou, I spot more art integrated into the Metro entrances.

 Entrances to the Metro

And, at the Chegongmiao Metro entrance, near my hotel, I stop to read the sign on the escalator into the Metro.  I think this sign should qualify as art also.  Apparently, using the escalator is serious business around here!

Escalator signage

Ducking under the entrance artwork and carefully following the instructions for use of the escalator, I head off to the Sea World Metro Station in the Shekou District for my meeting.

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