Friday, March 18, 2022

Bremen, Germany

We leave Hannover,  heading the other direction from Berlin, taking a morning train to Bremen, a major commercial and industrial city and the second largest city in northern Germany, after Hannover.

The train station exit in Bremen has a celebration of Italian cuisine: Vita Italiana a Mercato Italiano.

Vita Italiana

From the train station, it's a short walk across the river to market square in the heart of the city center.

Leaving the station, crossing the river.

On the way to market square

Bremen's market square is a UNESCO World Heritage Site with the town hall and Saint Peter's Cathedral forming two sides of the square.

Market square

Map of the city

Böttcherstraße, a short passageway of shops, museums, restaurants, and bars leads away from market square and is full of architectural surprises.


A short walk along the Weser river brings us to the Schnoor quarter, a medieval old town with narrow lanes and picturesque houses.

Schnoor quarter

At the edge of the Schnoor quarter, a bonbon factory offers delightful treats and small cafes offer places to enjoy the quiet.

Bremer Bonbon

Corner cafe

Nearby, the Saint Johann Provost Church is the only remaining cloister church in Bremen.  Founded as a monastery in 1225, the three-nave church hall was built in 1380.

St. Johann Provost Church

It's time for a short break, then we'll continue our wander in Bremen.

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