Friday, May 28, 2021

Travelling by Ship Through the Sognefjord

The Sognefjord is located in the middle of Norway's fjord region and extends 204 km (127 miles) inland, with some of the wildest and most beautiful scenery in Norway. The fjord plunges to more than 1,300 meters (4265 feet, .8 mile) at its deepest and the mountains along the fjord rise to over 1,700 meters (5575 feet, 1 mile). We leave Flåm in the afternoon for the long, wonderful trip out through the fjord.



Leaving Flåm

We pass by a number of small village and isolated cabins. It must be a long drive/boat ride for groceries!


Small towns and isolated cabins

The scenery just continues to unfold beautifully for hours as squalls pass through, the sun disappears, reappears, a rainbow pops up, then, slowly, the sun sets ahead of us as we head west.







The weather changes quickly and dramatically in the fjord

What a great day: Flåm, the Flåm Railway, mountains, and fjords.

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