Friday, April 2, 2021

Berggarten in Hannover

The Berggarten (Mountain Garden) is across the street from the Great Garden and part of the Herrenhausen Gardens.  The Berggarten was created in 1666 as a vegetable garden for the castle.  Sophia of Hannover (creater of the Great Garden) transformed the Berggarten into a garden for exotic plants and added a conservatory in 1686.

 Entering Berggarten

The garden was used to experiment with the breeding of plants native to southern regions in Hannover's colder northern climate.  The attempt to grow rice failed, but tobacco and mulberry were successful (allowing silkworms in the nearby city of Hemelin, which were used in the production of royal silk, to be fed mulberry leaves). 

We first explore the tropical plants in the greenhouses.


 Tropical plantings

 Cactus gardens

A separate greenhouse holds plants from the Canary Islands.

 Canary Islands house (Kanarenschauhaus)

Leaving the greenhouses, we wander the paths from garden to garden, delighting in all we find.

 Wandering through the gardens

Much of the garden was rebuilt after the Second World War and, following the restoration, members of the Royal Family of Hannover, including King George I of Great Britain, were interred in the garden's mausoleum.

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