Tuesday, August 18, 2020

Memories of Tahiti and French Polynesia

We travel around the islands of French Polynesia on a small cruise ship, the Wind Spirit, and capture pictures of our ship moored alongside various of the islands, as we play in the water and explore the land, towns, and beaches ashore.

Views of the Wind Spirit

We take advantage of the Wind Spirit's water sports platform at the rear of the ship to swim, kayak, paddle board, and be towed around on the "Airhead" by a powerboat, racing across the sea and jumping across the wake.

 Airhead tow

Incredible lush scenery greets us everywhere.
Lush landscapes

An,d the water is clear, blue, green, warm, inviting, and delighting.



Fabulous water

Leading into the sea, incredible beaches are made for walking, strolling, sitting, and wandering into the water.



And, in the water, thousands of little motu (islands).


From the ship, we watch passing clouds and the occasional rainbow.


And, at the end of the day, some of the most incredible sunsets we have ever seen! 


Goodbye Tahati, until we meet again (hopefully soon)!

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