Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Dinners in Paris

Our first dinner in Paris (this trip) is simple:  escargot and two fondues at Le Latin near Place Saint-Michel and the Sorbonnne:   savoyarde (several cheeses melted in a hot pot and served with sliced charcuterie and potatoes) and mixed (duck and beef cooked at the table in a pot of boiling oil).

 Escargot, fondues savoyard and mixed

The next day, we stop by a favorite restaurant near our hotel, just off l'Etoile/Arc de Triumphe:  La Mascotte.  There we dine on salad with buratta and prosciutto and a lamb stew.  Delicious.

 Salad, lamb stew

Our next dinner is a real treat at Baieta, a new restaurant we had read about, now with one Michelin, star awarded this year.  We dine on seven courses of fabulous delights:  sea bass tartar, crispy egg yolk (with haddock and leeks in vinaigrette), stewed octopus (with sweet gnocchi potatoes in velvet crab broth), monkfish and john dory, duck (with caramelized carrots), lacquered pears (with cider, biscuit walnut, chestnut whipped cream, apple sorbet), and shortbread (with fennel flavor, lemon whipped cream, pastis, lemon sorbet).  Wow!

 Seven courses at Baieta

The next day, we dine at another old favorite, Le Poincare, near the Trocadero, sharing French onion soup, duck foie gras, a sausage platter, and swordfish.

 Onion soup, foie gras

 Sausage, swordfish

Our final night, we ask our hotel concierge if there is a nearby restaurant where we can get duck confit and we are guided to Il était une Oie dans le sud-ouest ("He was a goose in the southwest"), a haven for lovers of southwest French food, such as homemade duck foie gras, duck confit, duck sausage, ....  We settle for foie gras torchon (torched), confit de canard (duck confit) and cassoulet.

Restaurant filling up, foie gras

 Duck confit, cassoulet

 What a great way to end a trip to France!

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