Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Another Day of Wandering in Amsterdam

In the morning, we walk a few blocks from our hotel to Vondelpark, 47 hectares (116 acres) of forest, paths, gardens, and playgrounds first established in 1865.


From the park, it's a few blocks to the Rijksmuseum, where a market has set up in the park outside the museum.

 Museum market

The small sculpture garden outside the Rijksmuseum is spectacular.

 Rijksmuseum sculpture garden

From the museum, we head back into the city to wander the streets and canals and see what we can find.

 Canal sights

 Street sights

In the afternoon, we stroll along the canal to the Heineken Experience, a tour of the old Heineken Brewery building where we learn about the Heineken brewing process, sample a few, and visit the Heineken stables, where the horses who still pull the beer carts hang out.

 The Heineken Experience

Lunch today is a Dutch favorite, a herring sandwich, which we find at at small stand near the flower market.

 Herring sandwich at Frens Haringhandel

We finish our day (and our stay in Amsterdam) with a real treat:  dinner at Haesje Claes, an Amsterdam institution that has been serving since 1520.  We start with asparagus soup and picked herring with beets, onions, potato salad, and pickles.  For the main course, duck and a cheese salad with croquettes.

 Haesje Claes

 Soup and herring

 Duck, cheese salad

Sadly, it is time to leave this great city and find our way home, to plan our next adventure.

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