Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Dinners in Paris

We enjoy our first diner in Paris near our hotel, at La Mascotto, on Rue du Faubourg St. Honeré.  The meal starts with risotto balls in marinara sauce, followed by rigatoni with chicken and cote du veau.  The rigatoni comes with large chunks of chicken and is fabulous, as is the veal.

Outside seating, risotto balls in marinara sauce

 Rigatoni with chicken, cote du veau with potatoes

Along with a bottle of wine, this is a great start to another adventure in Paris.  After dinner, we stop in The Place To, on Avenue de Wagram for a little more wine and some people watching.

 The Place To

For our next dinner, we walk across town toward the Eiffel Tower to a small restaurant on Avenue Raymone Poincaré,   Tonight's meal starts with creamy French onion soup, and fois gras de canard (duck pate), and we then share a mixed cheese and charcuterie platter.

 Le Poincare, fois gras de canard

 French onion soup, charcuterie and cheese platter

And, again, we stop off at The Place To for a nightcap.

The Place To, again

Our third and final night in Paris, we head over to an old favorite, Le Latin, in the Latin Quarter, by Place Saint-Michel.  We start with 12 escargot, followed by a three cheese fondue and a duck and beef fondue.  The three cheese fondue comes with potatoes and charcuterie to dunk in the cheese.  The beef and duck fondue arrives with an array of sauces and a pot of boiling oil in which to cook the meats.  Wow!  

12 escargot

 Three cheese fondue

 Duck and beef fondue

Le Latin, Latin Quarter

And, this meal is followed by (we're in a great rut) a nightcap at The Place To.  We've dined at a number of smaller, neighborhood restaurants this trip and had fabulous meals at all of them.

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