Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Markets in Phnom Penh

I visit a small local market, Phasar Chas, near the river front and offering a genuine Cambodia market experiences.  Entering the market, I head right over to the food section, fabulous selections of vegetables, meat, and seafood.

 Phsar Chas food market

Behind the food market are stalls selling clothing, housewares, and jewelry.

Clothing, housewares, jewelry, ....

Leaving the market, I spot some of the local monkeys running between buildings on the electric wires.  A pedicab driver also spots them, stops and takes out his sling shot to take a few shots.  He misses and moves on.  There are warnings posted in the parks to hang on tightly to belongings or the monkeys may steal them!

Watch out for the monkeys

For a different market experience, I head over to Phsar Thmel, known as the Central Market.  The Central Market was build in 1937 with a fabulous art-deco design of four wings and a central domed courtyard.  Containing the usual market offerings, from avacodos to jewelry, this building is incredible!

Central Market

 Inside Central Market

What similar and different experiences, the local Phsar Chas market and the Central Market.  This is a good introduction to daily shopping in Phnom Penh.

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