Friday, November 17, 2017

Driving down to Bonifacio, Corsica

After our late arrival and dinner, we stay near the port in Bastia and pick up a car the next morning to drive down to Bonifacio, in southern Corsica, just across the channel from Sardinia.  The trip is about 175 km (110 miles) and follows the eastern coast of Corsica, with beautiful views of the sea and the mountains along the way.  We pass through several intriguing small towns and stop once or twice for essentials (water, Diet Coke, admire the local specialties).

 Sea on the left, mountains on the right

 We're back in France!

Too bad it's not lunchtime!

We arrive in Bonifacio and find our hotel, Cala Di Greco, across the water from town, with great panoramic views, check in, and head into town for our introductory wander.

 Hotel Cala Di Greco, Bonifacio across the way

In town, we find a charming contrast of modern marina life at sea level and the old town and shops/quarters up above.

Marina below 

 Old town above

But first, lunch.  It's been a long drive and we're hungry.  We settle in at the marina for three paninis, frite, and wine.

 Lunch in the marina

After lunch, we explore the marina, pop into some of the shops, and admire the local food and wine for sale in the grocery store.

 Shops on one side, restaurants and docks on the other

 Local offerings in the grocery store at the marina

We enjoy, purchase a bottle of local wine, and head back to our hotel to ponder our next move.

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