Friday, June 23, 2017

Zhongshan Park in Beijing

As I leave Tiananmen Square, taking the underpass under busy Chang'an Avenue, I'm intending to head into the Palace Museum/Forbidden City, but I spot a small opening in the wall with a park on the other side and wander over it to see what it is.  This turns out to be Zhongshan Park, a beautiful space with numerous temples, gardens, walkways, pavilions, and halls.

Map of the park

 Zhongshan Park entrance and gateway just inside park

I first wander down the paths, admiring the architecture and landscaping.

Great paths for walking

 And courtyards, covered walkways, and gazebos for resting.

 More sights

And, a lake for relaxing or dining on the shore and amusement park rides.

 By the lake and streams

 Rides and lighthouse

The park is full of tulips.  There is a greenhouse with varieties of tulips presented by the Princess of Holland, but now is the annual tulip festival and they are planted in beds all throughout the park. What a beautiful sight!

 Tulip festival

I spend a few hours wandering in the park an exit out the side into the courtyard outside the Forbidden City, just above the Tiananmen Gate.

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