Friday, April 28, 2017

Paris Chocolate and Street Markets

We can't get away from the great food everywhere in Paris, from the fancy dinners to the shaved lamb gyros on the street.  We love it all.

Let's end this journey with a few more food-related pictures from the streets.  First, chocolate in the shops.  It's just before Easter and they are going all out.

 Chocolate boots (not made for walking)

 Chocolate chefs

 And, one more window

And, of course, we have to mention the street markets.  One market, near our hotel, has always appealed to us and someday we plan to rent an apartment here so we can shop at the market and cook.

 Street market near hotel

And, finally, for my birthday, the hotel sent up a treat, champagne, macaroons, and a cake.

Happy birthday to me!

Thus winds up another great trip to Paris.  We never tire of it and can come back over and over.  And will!

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