Friday, December 23, 2016

A Swing Through Singapore's Chinatown

In the morning, I wander past Clarke Quay, cross the Singapore River, and head into Chinatown.  I'm not sure what to expect and find both modern China buildings and stores and older-world China markets and living.
On the way to Chinatown, a truly "green" building!

 Modern Chinatown mall

 Older Chinatown stores and markets

 And the food!

Although we're in Chinatown, we're still clearly in Singapore.  I spot the sign forbidding the feeding of birds and cats, in the four official languages of Singapore: Malay, Chinese, Tamil, and English.

Signs in four languages

Chinatown is small, only a few blocks in each direction and I soon pass through and reach the other side, where I spot the Sri Mariamman Hindu temple.  Curious, I remove my shoes and walk in.  The temple is truly beautiful inside and full of people worshiping and a few of us visiting and admiring.

 Temple across the street, remove shoes before entering

 Inside the temple

Once I'm a block or two outside Chinatown, I enter an area of modern buildings, offices and shops, including more sculptures.  I have about a 1/2 hours walk to Marina Bay and I start marching.

 Street sculpture on the way to Marina Bay (from Chinatown)

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