Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Northern Sardinia, based in Olbia

We decide to spend a few days in northern Sardinia, based in Olbia, and a few days in Chia, in the south.  The Moby ferry brings us to from Livorno to Olbia overnight and we start our Sardinian adventure.  From the hotel, we have an incredible view of the water and the coastline across the harbor, with ferries passing back and forth.  What a spectacular sight!

 Dramatic view of the harbor and coast

Since we arrive early, we leave our luggage at the hotel and drive up to Porto Cervo, the Sardinian playground for the rich and famous.  The season is over and most of the big yachts have left, but there are a few still in the harbor for us to admire.

The drive up to Port Cervo is incredible:  stunning water views, rugged coastline, islands offshore.  Wow!

Views of the Mediterranean and Sardinia on the drive

 Yachts in the harbor at Porto Cervo

Porto Cervo itself is a disappointment.  We expect something similar to the shops, markets, and sights of Saint Tropez.   What we find is a modern port of shops and restaurants.  However, the one thing I really like (true of many affluent places) is that there are great sculptures scattered everywhere.

Views of Porto Cervo

 Random sculptures

We poke around for a bit, wander into a few shops, then decide to head back to the Burger & Beach Bar that we passed on our way to Port Cervo.  The Burger & Beach Bar caught our eye as we drove up, sitting on the top of a hill, with a path down to the water for dining in the restaurant of at water's edge.

Stopping at the Burger & Beach Bar

We walk down a path to the water and enjoy fish and chips and burgers, with local beer and a location that can't be beat.  We could sit here all day, relax, and watch the water and breathtaking view.  We enjoy it so much that we come back a few days later for another round of burgers and fish & chips.

 Burger, fish and chips, sliders

 View of and from our table

 After lunch, we head back to our hotel to check in and spend some time on the beach as a great finale to our first day in Sardinia.

 At the beach, view from our room

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