Tuesday, September 27, 2016

First Day Dining in Cinque Terre

The big question is, "Where shall we first eat?  What is the best experience to get started?"  There are so many great options and several thoughts run though our minds, principally of seafood and of viewing the great sights to be seen.

We start with lunch in Vernazza at Bar de la Torre, on the path to Corniglia and up several steep flights of steps from the town (starting our up journey behind the railroad station).

Bar de la Torre, on the path to Corniglia

 View of Vernazza from the restaurant
Monterosso in the distance

Bar de la Torre is a ways up and out of town, but the view and the food are both worth the trek.  There is no octopus today, so we share three antipasti:  bruschetta with tomato and anchovies, tomato mozzarella, and anchovies in lemon and olive oil.  Fantastico!  Especially with a small pitcher of local white wine and some sparkling water.

 Lunch is served!

 When we get back to Monterosso, it's time to start thinking about dinner and we talk with Anna at Hotel Villa Steno and decide to try a place we haven't been to before:  Il Casello, on the harbor in Monterosso.  We sit on the deck outside, next to the water, order a bottle of prosecco, and watch the colors change as the sun sets behind the city.

Diners below us finishing up as the beach is prepared for the next day

Views of Monterosso from Il Casello as the sun sets

 And, the food (did I mention this was a restaurant?), once again, tremendous.  We share two appetizers and an entrée,  lemon anchovies, stuffed anchovies, and the Casillo special:  penne with tomatoes, olives, and white fish.

Somehow, both anchovy appetizers disappeared before we remembered to take a picture.  However, with some food inside us (and the opening of a bottle of Monterosso local white wine), we remember to take a few of the special.

 Penne special with white fish

Disappearing fast
Gone, bowl wiped clean!

We finish up our first full day in Cinque Terre in style, hiking, dining, and exploring, with some familiar experiences and some new experiences.  What a great start to our journey over the next two weeks.

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