Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Walking Along the Beach in Carlsbad

We're staying on the beach in Carlsbad, about 35 miles (24 km) north of the San Diego airport where we had parked for our walk along San Diego Bay.  Carlsbad is a seaside tourist resort occupying a seven mile stretch of the Pacific Coast.  Carlsbad is also home to the Legoland California Resort theme park, which we haven't seen.

Our hotel, the Cape Ray Carlsbad Hilton, about five miles south of Carlsbad, is across the road from South Carlsbad State Beach and, even though it is still chilly, we get the true Southern California beach experience. We start with a walk along the beach into town.  What great views of the ocean and surf!

 Walking to Carlsbad

As we get closer to Carlsbad, we start to see more people on the beach, the surfers south of town and the volleyball players closer in.

 Surfers in the water

 Volleyball on the beach

And, even a stray sea lion resting on the sand with a few admirers keeping their distance.

 Sea lion at rest, people watching

Walking back, we see that some of the lifeguard stations are deployed, but unoccupied, while others are waiting for the warmer weather to be stationed around the beach.

 Life guard stations on the beaches

Ready to go when beach season truly begins

It's time to walk on the beach!  We find a path down from the road and walk across the soft sand and occasional rocky patch for an eye-level perspective of the Pacific.  It's truly quiet and calming.  But, we have to walk back the way we came to find another path back up the bluff to the road.

 Down on the beach

As we get closer to the hotel, we walk through the South Carlsbad State Beach Campground, where people have brought their RVs or are camping in tents, spending the weekend at the ocean.  Everyone seems to be having a great time, preparing the barbecue, kids playing in the street, people visiting their friends and making new friends, heading down the stairs to the beach - they're all in for a relaxing time.

 RV parking / camping in the state park above the beach

Our day is coming to an end and we watch the sun set over the Pacific, joining the people from the park and others who just pull off the road and get out to watch the sun descend into the ocean.

The sun sets

 Tomorrow, another adventure in San Diego.

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