Friday, January 22, 2016

Day Two in Bequia

We head the beach for swimming and kayaking.  The Wind Star tender drops us off on the pier, next to the wharf where the ferries travel frequently back and forth to Kingstown, St. Vincent, about 16km  (10 miles) away.  We again follow the Belmont Walkway around the harbor to Princess Margaret Beach.

 Ferries loading up

 Back on Princess Margaret Beach

Today, after a hour-long swim up and down the beach, we decide to kayak.

 Both of us out on kayaks

But, we're really waiting for lunch so that we can try the famous lobster pizza at Mac's, around the middle of the Belmont Walkway.

 Turn right at the sign and head up to Mac's Pizzaria

There are only a few tables on the patio where the pizza is served, but the view is fabulous.

 View from our table at Mac's

Yes, they have other pizzas, but the specialty is lobster pizza and we have to have it!

 Lower right - Lobster Pizza!

Lobster pizza in all its glory, accompanied by Hairoun beer

We waddle back to the pier, hop on the last tender to the ship, and return to Barbados to end another great journey.  We do, however, bring back two slices for the Captain, who had told us the day before that he had never tried lobster pizza.

 Rough winter seas heading back to Barbados

 After a brief squall, a double rainbow

It's time to head back to the real world, enjoy our memories, and plan the next sojourn.

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