Monday, August 31, 2015

Tiny McDonald's in Shanghai

I decide one morning to take the ferry across the Huangpu River in Shanghai (2 RMB, roughly 31 cents US) and walk around the Pudong area. 

 Ferry across the Huangpu River

As I sat on the concrete wall facing the river talking on the phone, a crowd of giggling teenage girls came up the esplanade.  One of them sat next to me and another took her picture.  The picture-taker then gave me a big thumbs up.  I imagine that picture is now on someone’s social media site, “Sitting with Foreigner”.

Walking further up the esplanade, I spot what has to be one of the smallest McDonald’s around.

Tiny McDonalds's

I can’t imagine that more that one employee fits in the store.  But people are lining up, especially for ice cream.  Not a bad idea.

But, work calls and it’s time to take the ferry back across and head off to my meetings.

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