Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Walking Along the Beach in Grand Case

We walk over to Blvd. de Grand Case and take a stroll on the beach along the town.

Along the beach

Some of the restaurants and hotels have beach chairs and umbrellas for guest use or rental.

Relaxing by the water

After passing the main collection of restaurants and shops, the beach continues to the other side of the bay from our hotel.

Continuing along the water

Looking back at Grand Case

We find some resting spots with creative use of pallets.

Pallet-based furniture

In case we forget where we are

Although much is rebuilt and open for business, there are still a few reminders of the devastation from Hurricane Irma in 2017.

Remnants of Irma

From the beach we have a great view of the balcony of Ocean 82, where we have two incredible meals, both in corner tables looking out over the water and beach where we now stand.

Ocean 82 from the beach

And, on the seawall near the restaurant, the painting says it all!

Summing up

Friday, May 20, 2022

A Day on the Scooby Too

We take a day cruise on the Scooby Too, a large catamaran that leaves from Anse Marcel, one cove north of Grand Case, stops at our hotel beach to pick up a group, and then heads out to Tintamarre Island.  The Scooby Too used to sail across the Anguilla Channel to Anguilla, but, due to Covid restrictions, must currently stay in Saint Martin.  We head out around the top of Saint Martin to Tintamarre Island on the other side.

Pickup at the hotel beach

Heading out

Approaching Tintamarre Island

Anchored off the beach

We see some beautiful ships anchored near us (ship envy) and imagine what it would be like to sail around the islands on one of them.  We get good views from the water (no pictures) as we swim to the beach and back to Scooby Too.

Sailing dreams

Back on the Scooby Too, it's time for lunch and a little rose wine.  There is a great selection of pasta salad, chicken salad, and lots of cheeses and bread (we are in France).

Lunch time

After lunch, we raise the anchor and continue down the coast a bit to Saint Martin's Orient Bay, where we anchor at an island in the bay and have another swim to the shore and back.

Orient Bay

Small island in the bay

Returning, we are running with the wind and the Captain raises the sails  Soon, we spot whales near Anguilla and head over for a bit of whale watching as the whale periodically spout and pop their tails out of the water (too fast and unexpected for pictures).

Raising the sails

Racing past Tintimarre Island

Whales periodically popping out

We sail past our hotel and past Grand Case to Happy Bay Beach (Plage de Happy Bay), halfway between Grand Case and Marigot, and anchor again for a while to enjoy another great spot on the main island.

Happy Bay Beach

Soon, it's time to head home and the Scooby Too drops us off at our hotel beach, relaxed and sunburned (we should have brought the sunscreen we purchased in Tahiti, rather than our normal-life sunscreen).

Sailing back past Grand Case

Returning to our hotel

Another great day!

Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Poking Around Grand Case (Mostly for the Sunsets)

We generally walk over to the main street in Grand Case (Blvd. de Grand Case) in the evening, around sunset for cocktails and dinner.  We see (and will share) some great sunsets on these end-of-day outings.

Stopping for a cocktail as the sun sets

Along Blvd. de Grand Case, we see fun, whimsical art as we wander into town.

Along the Boulevard

Blvd. de Grand Case

Sun setting

Going, going, gone

The next night, we catch the sunset again, with views from between the buildings as we walk up the boulevard and continuing from our table in the restaurant.

Going, going, ...


Really gone!

We never tire of the sunsets here!